Crystalz 4 – Premium anti-viral hand wash

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Crystalz 4 anti-viral hand wash stays active for up to 2 hours after use and its formula is alcohol free.

This 100ml bottle gives around 125 hand washes if used as directed. It has a very delicate scent.

Crystalz 4 is an anti-viral and anti-bacterial hand wash. It kills 99.99% of bacteria and is tested to the following standards: BSEN14476 – Enveloped viruses inc. Coronaviruses, influenza, Ebola & many more. BSEN13697 – MRSA, E. Coli & many more. BSEN13704 – C. Difficile. BSEN1276 – Salmonella, Staphylococcus, + others. BSEN1500 Hygienic hand rub.

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Crystalz 4 comes in a flip lid Bottle (100ml) and gives 125 applications.
Crystalz 4 is alcohol free, odourless and made mainly from vegetable sources. It is Eco, Vegan & Halal friendly, contains no animal derivatives and is cruelty free. This hand wash does not lather like a traditional soap, but you can feel its silky smoothness as you work it around your hands.
* Easy to use single handed.
* You only need about half the amount compared to liquid soap.
* Incredibly kind to skin and doesn’t dry or crack your hands.
* Delicate scent and contains no volatile ingredients.
* Certified to kill COVID-19, MRSA, E-Coli, C-Difficile, Norovirus plus many more, and 99.99% of bacteria.

6 reviews for Crystalz 4 – Premium anti-viral hand wash

  1. Racheal Pogson

    Thanks for these products. I love the hand soap and sanitser. I haven’t used the surface cleaner yet but I’m sure its great.

  2. Johnathan Swift

    Thank you for this hand wash. It smells nice. You only need a very small amount. It doesn’t foam up – is that how it should be?

    • admin

      Hello and thank you for your review of our Crystalz 4 Antivirus Hand Wash. This is a hand wash and not a soap, so it doesn’t lather. It does the same things as a soap but it is fully antiviral and antibacterial, so it kills viruses and bacteria (and more) as you rub it in before rinsing off. You are right in that you only need a very small amount. Perhaps around half of what you would get from a soap dispenser. We look forward to seeing you at our checkout again!

  3. maxine Hardson

    Love it thanks. I have ordered 4 x hand packs now as well.

  4. Michael Martinez

    Nice smell and also feels nice on my hands and nice scent as well. Very nice.

  5. Lucy Fox

    Great pack of products and I love them all. With all these Crystalz products I am surprised how little you need to use. Thanks, and I will be buying all the time. Great.

  6. Brenda McGuiness

    All the family love this hand wash. I also have a multipack which I keep with me at work. The hand wash makes my hands feel smooth and the very slight scent is lovely. I can not recommend these Crystalz products highly enough. Thank you. You have a convert here!

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