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A great solution for staff hygiene worries. The Crystalz personal hygiene pack contains full-size bottles of Crystalz 1, 120 application premium hand sanitiser, Crystalz 4, 120 use premium anti viral hand wash, and a Crystalz 8 surface sanitiser with a microfibre cloth, all in one convenient bag!  All Crystalz products are both antiviral and antibacterial.

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The set includes a Crystalz 1 – Hand sanitiser which lasts 6 times longer than a similar size alcohol gel, a Crystalz 4 – Antiviral hand wash, a Crystalz 8 -Surface sanitiser and micro-fibre cloth all in a convenient bright mesh zip bag. The zip bags are supplied in random colours and may vary to the images show.

Crystalz Personal hygiene packs can be replenished with Crystalz products bought separately as they are used. Or Simply replace the pack as necessary. A perfect product to look after your staff and keep them safe and happy at work.

18 reviews for Crystalz Personal hygiene pack

  1. Sahah West

    I bought this pack to make sure I had what I needed at school for my personal safety. What a great idea. I love all the products and the colourful bag too. The hand sanitiser is a revelation. I love how it makes my hands feel soft. My colleagues has asked for your website. Everyone is impressed.

  2. Mark Gilleard

    I wish I had ordered more of these the first time. Perfect. Thanks.

  3. Robert Watson

    I don’t normally do reviews because I’m normally disappointed so this is a rare exception for me. What a superb product. Thank you. My eight staff all have a pack, and they all think it is great. I was surprising to me how appreciative they all were that we had tried our best to make them feel safe at work by giving them their own personal pack. I don’t know if we will replenish each pack as necessary or just buy new packs. Either way, you have made a great product.

  4. Sue carter

    Thanks for this great pack. Just looking at it I can tell a lot of thought has gone into this and it is a perfect solution for office workers.

  5. Belinda Shorecroft

    WOW! What a great solution to my staffs worries about being back at work. The 50 packs we ordered arrived quickly, safe and well. Some staff picked their own choice of bag colours. Without exception, everyone loves all the products. The sanitiser is brilliant. No one can believe how little the level goes down after use. I guess each bottle will last weeks? I have passed your details on to our other branches.

  6. Bev Hutchinson

    Thanks for this hygiene pack. I love it.

  7. Julie Johnson

    Can you get this pack with an insect repellent? We live near Ullapool and the insects or murder. It would be a good addition. Otherwise I think its perfect. I love all 3 products and the sanitiser in particular is vert special. Thanks.

    • admin

      Hello, and thank you for this great review. We are looking into an insect repellent as well, but this will be some weeks away. There are not many people holidaying just now, but we think the Crystalz Hygiene Pack will make a great travel pack too. We will also need a different bottling machine as well, and that takes time to get and commissioned.
      We look forward to seeing you at our checkout again soon!

  8. Daniel Robertson

    Our order of these great packs for our staff landed yesterday. A perfect solution for our office and warehouse staff. Divers too. All the office staff love the sanitiser in particular. We were using a gel sanitizer and I had no end of complaints. Thanks.

  9. Janet Anderson

    Thanks for these fab pack of products. They have really mad our staff happy at work!

  10. Julie Park

    Perfect thanks. We will be ordering many more over the coming months.

  11. Andrew Maldonado

    I have to tell your customers that this is the best product I have bought in ages.  The hand sanitiser is a revelation. My hand were so sore with constant washing and gelling, but this has made a real difference.  The hand wash and spray are great too. 

  12. Jade Jamieson

    This is a great pack of products. perfect. I have also revised the hand sanitiser separately. These are the best hand wash and sanitisers I have used. I can not recommend it highly enough.

  13. Mark Rashford

    I received 15 of these packs a week ago and all our staff like the products. Everyone has control of how they use these so there’s no worry for anyone. The hand sanitiser is amazing. It doesn’t look like its gone down at all and I’ve used it 10-15 times.

  14. Alison Sharpe

    Arrived quickly and is as shown on the website. This is a great set of hand wash and sanitiser. I have used it for a few days now and my hand feel lovely and soft. No dry skin that I had with other sanitisers. My work colleagues are also impressed and I know some have ordered these items from you as well.

  15. Jon Lord

    Great products, thanks.

  16. Alison

    I am loving this pack, what a great product . I am keeping it with me where ever I go! Very useful to have in the car and will make a great travel pack .

  17. Pauline Gilman (verified owner)

    I received my package on time to revealed the contents. I was absolutely amazed and elated
    We suffer from dry skin in the family, so I would highly recommend these sanitisers and anti-viral hand wash.
    Brilliant special gifts for your loved ones, as well as places of work. Beautifully packaged.
    I am going to be recommending these products to everyone
    Thank you Crytalz🌹

  18. Kirsty Marshall (verified owner)

    Brilliant product especially for someone with eczema like me.

    Keeps all our drivers safe and well as we have them in each of our vehicles.

    Thank you

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